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Your CU Store continues to be your one stop, affordable source for all credit union deposit and lending forms and disclosures. Your CU Store forms are designed to be easy to use, easy for your members to understand, fully-compliant and with your credit unions' best interest and protection in mind. As always, the forms are COMPLIANCE PROTECTED in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Right Off-the-Shelf and
We offer a variety of standard forms in both print and electronic formats that can be ordered "right off the shelf" and ready for your credit union's immediate use.

Our forms are COMPLIANCE PROTECTED in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations. These forms are affordable, easy to use and designed to meet your credit union's needs!

Electronic Forms are fast, easy and right at your fingertips.
All of Your CU Store products are offered in electronic format. You can print them from your office printer as you need them and they can be prepared in your choice of a static form or fillable PDF format. As with all our products, these forms are compliance protected in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations. Please call for licensing details.

Disclosures Tailored Just for Your Credit Union, and at Affordable Prices!
Here at Your CU Store, you will find an assortment of disclosure products that are tailored to your credit union's unique terms.

These disclosures are COMPLIANCE PROTECTED in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations. Each disclosure is also personalized to include your credit union name, address, logo and applicable color choice.

If ordering the product in print format, you also determine your preferred quantity. Pricing for your custom-type disclosures are determined by legal review, lay-out and design time, and printing costs. Of course, our staff will work with you to determine the most cost effective terms to meet your needs.

COMPLIANCE PROTECTED means that you can be assured when doing business with Your CU Store the forms, disclosures and programs conform to all applicable laws and regulations at the time of purchase. All materials are written, reviewed and approved by the attorneys with Moore Brewer Wolfe Jones Tyler & North.

Call for inquiries and orders:  ldq@moorebrewer.com    (800) 472-1702, ext. 6060
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